6 Impacts of Building a Strong Online Influence for your Brand

6 Impacts of Building a Strong Online Influence for your Brand

Are you exactly conscious of your brand? This question I pose to you either as an individual or a business. Generally, most businesses have not really come to terms with the importance of establishing a strong online brand. They think it’s luxury, not worth it, for unserious people, and many other illusions. Let me quickly share this with you:

Here are 6 things a strong online influence can do for your brand:

1. It gives you a chance to make your brand lovable –

With social media for instance, you can make your brand voice come through. You develop your own personality as a brand, it could be humor, adventure, unconventional, friendliness. Brands have used social media to portray their company as the best place to work in through behind-the-scenes fun activities their staff engage in, or the extra steps they take to make their customers feel special. If you do an audit of your core values, you can find a way to express it, such that people fall in love with your business.

2.Top of mind positioning –

You can create top of mind awareness in your industry if you are consistently in the face of your potential customers. Being active on social media, churning out useful blog content, creating resourceful videos all help to achieve top of mind awareness. So, your brand would immediately come to mind if anyone in your audience ever needs a solution in the space that you play in.

3. A strong online influence can help you generate new business leads from your fan base –

Your loyal followers will now be more open to sharing information about themselves with you because you have been delivering them value. With this alone, the door opens for you to creatively engage and nurture them into buying customers.

4. Having an online brand fosters customer engagement –

An online presence makes it easier for your customer to engage with you because you are present where they are most active. When they know they can easily send you a DM or mention you to ask a question or lodge a complaint, they most likely would reach out than when you are not active online.

5. Improving on brand conversion is easier with a strong online presence –

You can convert your passive observers to interactive customers over time. Gone are the days when brands customarily sleep from 5 p.m. to 9 a.m. And communication with their audiences has usually been monologue-based rather than dialogues. With these new technologies, you can now interact with leads and nurture them through the customer lifecycle.

6. Enjoy free advocacy with few button clicks from your fans –

With the share, retweet, like, commenting and tagging features present in most social networks, your brand can enjoy free advocacy from loyal customers. With one satisfied customer taking action to show their support or love for your brand, a lot more people pick interest in you.
So, if you have not been taking it seriously, you should get up and build your online brand. You can reach out to me for advice if you don’t have a full grip on what to do.

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