We Need You: Can you impact Africans with your Digital Marketing/Social Media insight?

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For those of us Africans who practice in the Digital Marketing space, we can relate to the fact that most of the knowledge we gain are either on the job or from Western sources. This created in me a passion to impact the African business community with deep Digital Marketing/Social Media insights to enhance their business and personal brands. This led me to start SociallyNaija which is a platform for sharing home-grown digital marketing tactics for optimum business results.

SociallyNaija has a blog at its core. I would be delighted if you can take on the opportunity of being one of our prestigious project partners on this. 

Here are various ways you could be a part of this project. It is not limited to writing:

  1. Being a guest author/editorial team member: You can decide on your key area of strength and send us articles at any frequency between once monthly to once weekly, or daily if you like (quips). There are various editorial opportunities too in here.
  2. Industry journalism: Getting news scoop from events and the media. This could be as simple as using your phone to take pictures and sending them to us, or informing us about new technologies from around the world which Nigerians need to adopt.
  3. Content Amplification: Even if you cannot write, could you help spread the word on the content our contributors produce? This is as simple as sharing the links to our posts on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn (profile and groups), BBM, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc and to your email lists.
  4. Collecting Jobs: To score the web and career sites for Social Media/Digital Marketing job positions from around Africa.
  5. Podcast/Tweetchat guesting: Are you a business owner or social media expert and would like to be featured on our podcast and tweetchats for sharing deep insights to our community? This is for you.
  6. Conversation starters/Post inspiration: Suggesting controversial topics that could inform our tweetchat/podcast/blog post themes.
  7. Management/Business Development: A team to brainstorm on income generating avenues and creating a corporate structure. Also for managing stakeholders, planning trainings and events.
  8. Graphic Design/Audio and Video Editing: Our platform will be highly driven by visual content, so if you have design skills, it will be highly welcomed. Same for editing our podcast and videos.

If interested in any combination of the above capacities, please fill the form below. You will receive follow-up instructions on how to get started from our team.

Authors must be seasoned and experienced. The SociallyNaija Management would be there to support you with online tools and expertise to make this a hassle free process. It is also an opportunity for you to have an authoritative voice on the internet.

We would like to handsomely reward our project partners in the near future, but as of now, the above inputs are purely voluntary. With this also comes the opportunity to facilitate at future events

I’ll be glad to have you on board this globally impactful project. 

I am Jesse Onomiwo, Founder/Co-Curator right here.

Also don’t forget to join our online community @SociallyNaija

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