FACEBOOK 101: Why you need to be serious about this Social Network

FACEBOOK 101: Why you need to be serious about this Social Network

Over the years, Facebook still has the highest Monthly Active Users(MAUs) across all social media platforms. Facebook puts this figure at over 1.23 Billion. With Nigeria around 7 million users, I bet you, Facebook is too big for any personae nor business to ignore.

Individuals use Facebook as an identity building tool, hence increasing their opportunities, while companies use it to
connect with existing customers, make new contacts, reward loyal fans and get the word out about products and services.

Your activities on Facebook are usually based on any combination of these foundations:

 Creating a personal profile
 Creating a fan(business) page
 Joining or creating a group

In Nigeria, Facebook is no longer the appeal of just a select few. It will be an utter illusion to think it is only the youngsters that live there.Click To Tweet
Figures below prove this wrong:
Nigeria on Facebook

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Nigeria on Facebook

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Here are the most popular things businesses use Facebook for:

Customer Intelligence Customer Relations Competitive Analysis Market Research Promotions Branding Marketing Communications Follower Engagement Search Engine Optimization.

So, what are you waiting for?  Hop in now, and learn all you need to, in order to maximize this platform.

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