Meet Jesse

Meet Jesse Onomiwo

My Story

Growing up and living in Africa’s most vibrant city – Lagos has the capacity to make one restless and want more. However, I, Jesse Onomiwo creatively channeled that trait into my life’s approach. From the years of puerile curiosity into science books found in my high school library, to running Nigeria’s first ecological car wash later, there was no stopping me. My personal learning was faster paced than the school syllabus. Imagine being able to recite Avogadro’s law at the age of ten, thrilled by the big bang theory and the subterfuge that Greek soldiers used to enter Troy in a wooden horse.

As though not enough, I inspired a few comrades in my class who dug further with me for a few more hours daily after school dismissed at a neighbouring church-owned library. We finished the upcoming terms’ course outlines in the holidays preceding them. Little wonder we topped the class, with myself eventually carting away seven distinctions in my senior school certificate examination.

My eureka moment was getting introduced to business and inspirational materials at thirteen by a friend. The quest to meet people who already lived the life I read of in books got me into conferences that my peers weren’t normally found in. Sitting with CEOs of local businesses doing global wonders sparked a never dying entrepreneurial instinct in me that has impacted my career. Almost like Mark Cuban, owner of Dallas Mavericks, I have probably ventured into more small businesses than any of my city peers during my teenage years. With over a hundred books read before turning twenty, the reckless abandon with which the early dotcom boom shapers ventured out itched me to roll up my sleeves and hit the streets. Hit the streets I did, designing and selling hand-made greeting cards, a mobile car wash to busy bankers, jewelry and gift box design just to wit.

Let’s get a little serious now!