Coolest Social Media Icons and Logos – The Social Media Marketer’s Best Sources

Coolest Social Media Icons and Logos – The Social Media Marketer’s Best Sources

As a marketer, you would have to use social media icons in your design tasks. If you want to boost your social media marketing efforts, this is more like your definitive collection of great sources for all variations
of Social Media Icons and Logos.  I have used a good many of them. Most of them are completely FREE to download. They come in .PNG, .PSD, .ICO formats most of the time. Also, they sometimes range in size from about 16x16px to about 512x512px.

Here is my top 3 go-to source for the coolest images you can get and use on the web.


Has cool icons,although not completely free. It is more like a shopping mall for all sorts of design resources because it links to various vendors and publishers.

Social Media Icons


They are basically icons that can be embedded anywhere on your website with the <i> tag

social media logos

Font Awesome

Below is a screenshot of how I applied it on the header of one of my

            3. ICON ARCHIVE

This is actually my top recommendation, because the images and icons are completely transparent. You can place it in any of your design works without having to use any Lasso tool to remove background colours. It is completely awesome.

nigeria social media

I bet you that these three sources alone are the best armament of social icons that you could ever dream up. However, if you have a more budget-friendly and more fantastic source that you think should be added,please drop it in the comments section below.

In closing,why reinvent the wheel, when someone else has used it for an automobile. Enjoy the exploration!