The kind of content that get the best shares on Google+

The kind of content that get the best shares on Google+

If you want to get your Google+ Strategy right, you need to know what makes people tick on the amazing traffic generating Social Network. Google+ has a way of influencing your search engine ranking, especially if you use the Google Authorship feature. So if you haven’t activated a Google+ account yet, you better do right away!(Just an advice though).

In this post, I would like you to observe the number of  +1s(plus ones) some of the posts have.
These are the kind of content that enjoy the best shares on Google plus:


Kinds of images that work best have been largely:

a. Infographics

boost Google plus content

b. Quotes

quotes on google plus

c. Funny/Weird pictures

weird pictures

d. Photos/Selfies

Jackie chan on Google plus

e. Creative Arts

Creativity shared


Animated GIF

Here is it’s level of virality within a few hours:

viral google plus post


youtube videos

If I am to sum up my observation, there is an admirable display of creativity in most of the styles discussed. If you really want to get the best out of Google plus, I believe you should consider incorporating any combination of the above media.

I would be delighted to have you add me to your Google+ circles today HERE.Have an awesome week ahead!

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