Top 10 Social Media Strategies From Top Fashion Brands To Adopt

Top 10 Social Media Strategies From Top Fashion Brands To Adopt

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For quite a while now, I have been researching why the top fashion design brands are succeeding on social media. I took some time to look at their unique practices and how other businesses can adopt such in their businesses.

This led to a deep discovery of how your fashion brand can become more visible and thus multiply your profitability using social media marketing tools. In the journey revealed, you’ll get exposed to learning exactly how the top fashion brands from around the world are doing just that. Most of them premium brands, yet struggle to handle full shopping carts. Why can’t you position yourself to achieve similar results? That is what my discovery will be holding you by the hand to do.

There are deep lessons to be learned from the Nikes, Channels, Marc Jacobs, Forever 21s of this world and some more indigenous and successful fashion design brands in Nigeria. These brands include Deola Sagoe, Tiffany Amber, April by Kunbi, Orange Culture, NHN Couture, Vonne Couture, Jane Michael Ekanem, e.t.c.

That led me to create a comprehensive course that helps fashion designers, their brand and social media managers understand the full ramification of creating an impactful social media presence online. In it, you will find the Top 10 Social Media Strategies From Top Fashion Brands You Can Adopt.

Are you ready to take your fashion business viral? Harness the power of social media with this extensive social media course. Everything from content marketing to social e-commerce, Instagram and other platforms, social media automation, audience targeting, design hacks, etc.

COURSE TITLE: Social Media Marketing for Fashion Domination Masterclass

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This course is not just meant for apparel designers, but also to allied fashion business lines like footwears, swimwears, underwears, jewelry, bags, etc.
Are you ready to become part of the next-generation of fashion business leaders? Harness the power of social media for your fashion business, brand and career. You will learn exactly how the big brands like Nike, Marc Jacobs, Forever21, Puma, H & M, Louis Vuitton, etc are using social media to generate demand for their classy products.


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Tap into the potential of social commerce

Now let’s get a quick overview of what this course would cover:


  • Who needs this course?
  • Rants: Why use social media for your fashion brand?

2017’s Top Fashion Brands on Social Media

What Social Media Platforms should your brand be on?

  • Where top fashion brands are found the most
  • How do you decide where you should be most prominent?

10 Practices of Successful Fashion Brands on Social Media worth copying

Social Media Content Ideas for Fashionpreneurs

  • Secret of content excellence and the Marysia Swim story
  • Types of content you can engage your fans with

Instagram Domination Strategies for Fashion Brands

  • Why have an Instagram strategy for your Fashion brand?
  • What are thumb-stopping Instagram posts
  • 6 rules for creating thumb-stopping Instagram posts
  • 12 tools to start creating stunning Instagram posts
  • Bonus tips

Enabling Shopping from Instagram directly

  • The obvious difficulties of selling on Instagram
  • 5 tools to enable shopping from your Instagram feed.

Top free & pocket-friendly tools to change your social media game

  • Design/content creation tools
  • Publishing tools
  • Content curation tools
  • Brand monitoring tools
  • Social media contest management tools


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